1. Kate

    I love this page! My favorite part is the hidden journal. I need to use this idea on my pages. Journaling is so not my favorite thing, but it is so cute how you did it.

    • Jennifer Charles

      I’m starrring to realize the journaling is the most important part but as the girls get older, the things I want to say don’t need to be seen by everyone. Does that make sense? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Christina

    Beautiful scrapbook layout. Something that I can take inspiration so that I can finally start scrapbooking.. bucket list item. Also I think your handwriting is wonderful from the small sneak peak.

  3. Very striking, what a gorgeous page! Yep, they grow up so fast. My daughter was born one week after I joined Stampin’ Up!, and now she’s 23 :-O Thanks for sharing your fabulous page 😀

  4. Rachel Macleod

    Love this! What a beautiful way to capture the lapse of time and I’m sure your girls will treasure it, especially the handwritten journalling. Thanks for sharing x

    • Jennifer Charles

      Thank you! They do enjoy going back and looking at all my old scrapbooks. I need to bring scrapbooking back!

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